10 for $10: Mother’s Day Edition

This is a TALL order for the likes of me. I’m searching for 10 last-minute mom-friendly gift ideas you can readily pick up at major Canadian retailers – that is, if you live in a major city – for $10 and under. I’m not necessarily advocating these as the be all & end all for gifts – they might make great top-ups for another themed present, or if mom’s insisting you get her nothing, at least get her something little, or perhaps you’re taking her out for a really special event or meal, but want to commemorate it in some other way, or even if you just want to gift someone that isn’t your mom, but a great mom that deserves some love…you get the idea. Anyway, wish me luck!

EOS Hand Lotioneos Berry Blossom Hand Lotion – $3.99 @ Rexall, Loblaws, Pharmaprix, etc.
Years of scrubbing dishes, making lunches, and accompanying the kiddies outside may have done their damage to mom’s hands – but the new 97% natural Berry Blossom hand lotion from eos might just nourish ’em back to health for hugs when you really need one.

Aldo Deloach Earrings

Deloach Earrings – $10 @ Aldo
Bling doesn’t have to be pricy to be beautiful – like these fun floral-shaped glittering earrings from Aldo. Truth be told they’ve got dozens of affordable options, I just picked these out as a classic style that any mom can appreciate and work!

Sephora Seamless Hair Ties

Sephora Collection Ombre Seamless Hair Ties – $10 @ Sephora
General word to the wise: the checkout bins of little items while at Sephora are a gold mine for gifting. You’ll find goodies like these cute, tangle-free hair ties available in a bevy of rainbow shades. Perfect for mom to toss in her tote or gym bag!

Chatty Cats Page FlagsChatty Cats Page Flags – $7 @ Indigo
Is mom an avid reader? Does she belong to a book club? Is she studying for a later-in-life degree? These handy book flags allow you to jot down notes and return to favourite quotes or plot points.

Fruits and Passion Oil Gift Sets

Shower Oil and Nourishing Oil Gift Sets – $5 each @ Fruits & Passion
Get thee to a Fruits & Passion stat: I’ve just found myself a new go-to hostess gift. These pint-sized packets contain two insanely nourishing treatments for in & after the shower to help mom smooth out her skin before swimsuit season is upon us.

Crochet Tank Joe FreshCrochet Tank – $10 @ Joe Fresh
Mom simply won’t believe you scored this pretty, summery tank for a tenner. Not into white? It also comes in four other rich, jewel-toned shades.

Create Your Own Tumbler Starbucks

Create-Your-Own Scratch Tumbler – $9.95 @ Starbucks
If mom lives for lattes, give her an eco-friendly option with this reusable Starbucks tumbler. Bonus feature? It includes a scratch stick so you can design your own artwork and separate yourself from the coffee-drinking masses.

Die Cut Notepad Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler Die Cut Notepads – $9 each @ The Bay
My obsession with all things Jonathan Adler shouldn’t come as much of a surprise at this point, but here we are. I *love* these quirky notepads because they’ll look great just perched on your desk AND when you’re using them – it’s way harder to ignore a whale reminding you to pick up the milk than a regular ol’ post-it, I’ll tell you that much.

Apple Pie Apple

Apple Pie Apple – $8.65 @ Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Drool. This delicious gourmet concoction is (wait for it) – a Granny Smith apple coated in caramel, dipped in a creamy white confection, and coated in brown sugar and cinnamon. Can we say delicious?

H&M Makeup BagMakeup Bag – $6.95 @ H&M
No worries kids – she ain’t as fragile as she looks: this makeup case may appear to have that on-trend basket-weave look, but it’s actually a quite durable plastic material that’ll keep your pretty products protected. Sleek & chic!

Spice Trekkers bonus entry: tell me which of these 10 finds you’d most love to gift AND get!

17 Responses to “10 for $10: Mother’s Day Edition”
  1. Julie G. says:

    I’d like to give the Shower Oil & Nourishing Oil Gift Sets from Fruits & Passion – love the packaging, it looks so fresh!
    I’d be pleased with the Chatty Cats Page Flags.

  2. janicour says:

    Apple Pie Apple โ€“ $8.65 @ Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory A real just for me gift.

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    I think the Create-Your-Own Scratch Tumbler would be so cute to give and get!

  4. Annie Demill says:

    I love the Create-Your-Own scratch tumbler for myself and my artsy daughter. I use eos lip balm so I’m sure I would love the hand lotion also.

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Spice Trekkers bonus entry – the Shower Oil and Nourishing Oil Gift Sets โ€“ $5 each @ Fruits & Passion. These would be ideal for the guest room when visitors come to stay.

  6. Susan says:

    I’d like to give my mom the Deloach Earrings from Aldo and get the Joe Fresh top.

  7. Joan G says:

    The Deloach earrings top both my give and get lists.

  8. Linda Peters says:

    The Crochet Tank Top from Joe Fresh, thanks

  9. Donnas says:

    I’m usually all about the bath and body products, but I think I’d like to gift the Deloach earrings and I’d like to get the crochet top from Joe Fresh.

  10. Vesper says:

    Spice Trekkers bonus entry – I would love to get the Apple Pie Apple and I would gift the Shower Oil and Nourishing Oil Gift Set

  11. diane p says:

    I’d give the Create-Your-Own Scratch Tumbler as a gift and I would love the Shower Oil and Nourishing Oil Gift Sets.

  12. cookie3 says:

    Spice Trekkers bonus entry: I’d love to gift the Deloach earrings from Aldo . I’d love to get the Apple Pie Apple but since I’m trying to diet I’d happily settle for the Jonathon Adler die cut notepads-just because I wouldn’t be tempted to eat them,lol.

  13. sarah p says:

    That apple pie apple sounds and looks amazinnggg….but since I’m trying to stay away from the sweets, I’d rather give this one ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d rather get the shower oils sets!

  14. Dreena says:

    I’d love to get the Deloach earrings from Aldo and I would give the Apple Pie Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory as a gift! Well, maybe I’d like that apple too! Sweet.

  15. Alison K says:

    Spice Trekkers bonus entry: of the 10 finds, Iโ€™d most love to gift “Shower Oil and Nourishing Oil Gift Sets โ€“ $5 each @ Fruits & Passion” AND get, “Sephora Collection Ombre Seamless Hair Ties โ€“ $10 @ Sephora”! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Katie says:

    I would love to gift and receive the Make Your Own Tumbler from Starbucks. What a unique idea – it brings me back to being a kid and colouring paper with coloured crayons, then covering the colour with a black crayon and scratching it off with a penny.

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