New Flame

Havaleena Beach

What It Is: Truth be told I really struggled with picking just one photo for this post. Why? Because there are so many different variations of this core product – the cordless, outdoor-friendly, battery-operated Havaleena light. These glow-stick-meet-light-sabre lamps are available as long posts that’ll turf your tiki torches, in hanging arrangements for a funky outdoor chandelier, or in an artful arrangement within a clear vase or wooden stand. Available in a range of colours, they offer a pretty ambient glow, plenty of modern style, but also a heck of a lot of portability and practicality.

Who It’s For: Pass a set onto your brother, for a magical camping weekend night light for the kids. Or buy some for your sister’s new patio set, for mood lighting she’d never dream of. Finally if you’re spending a few weeks at mom and dad’s cabin, why not gift them a set for some funky lawn art?

What It Costs: I spotted them online at one source for $44 for a single lamp (+ the stand cost) up to $135 for a set of three (including a glass vase). Shipping for the set of three was $41.

Where It’s At: The aforementioned source is Lampcraft.

Ah yes, bonus entry for Macadamia Natural Oil anyone? How about pinning any one of the images in that post (and leaving a link back to it in this one) along with a comment on what you think of the Havaleena lights?

9 Responses to “New Flame”
  1. Debbie Bashford says:

    I really like those lights!!!
    Pinned for bonus entry for Macadamia Natural Oil

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    I love those lights — they’d be great for backyard gatherings or for camping!

  3. Vesper says:

    Bonus entry for the Macadamia Natural Oil –

    I like the lights – placing them among the shrubs and trees in the garden would look lovely

  4. laura says:

    I think these are awesome a truly unique gift or camping or whatever.

  5. Alison K says:

    Macadamia Natural Oil bonus entry: pinned & I think these Havaleena lights are a novel idea but probably not for me. I can just see the kids using them as light sabers. So much for the ambiance. Also for that price I could buy $1 solar lights wrap coloured film around them. Not as slick but a cheaper alternative.

  6. JaimeeM says: I really like the lamps but unfortunately the price is a little bit out of my ideal range. They do look beautiful though.

  7. diane p says:

    I love these lights. They would make a great gift.

  8. I love the Havaleena lights, they look like so much fun.

    Pinned Macadamia Pic —>

  9. Susan says:

    These are beautiful, but a little expensive for taking to the beach!

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