We All Want To Change The World

Michael TompsettWhat It Is: The world, reimagined, through the eyes of artist Michael Tompsett. Specializing in map prints and skylines, Tompsett’s vision of our planet is whimsically rendered in a rainbow spectrum of hues and other quirky prints. It’s a cool statement piece for any wall that can also show off your interests – dinos, cats, instruments, animals and more are just some of the motifs that Tompsett has applied to his maps.

Who It’s For: Your brother, as a cool piece of art for his first home. Your sister, as a fun birthday gift that’s off the beaten path. Your globetrotting parents, as a nice way to celebrate their love for the world.

What It Costs: $39.99+ depending on the print size and framing options.

Where It’s At: Tompsett’s prints can be found at a number of art stores, but AllPosters.ca has a whopping 1,300+ options for you to peruse. Hint: Use the ‘Narrow Your Results’ option to help winnow it down to a certain style – like just world maps or cityscapes.

BONUS entry into yesterday’s BungyPump giveaway – tell me in the comments below which Michael Tompsett print you’d pick. You can view them all here.

26 Responses to “We All Want To Change The World”
  1. Cheryl A says:

    I like this colourful Toronto Street Map.

    I think it would be nice in a rec room or boys bedroom.

  2. Joan G. says:

    I like the New York Skyline Item 13438371 – absolutely stunning colours.

  3. Karen says:

    Animals of the world map is beautiful.

  4. janicour says:

    http://www.allposters.ca/-sp/Winnipeg-Canada-Skyline-posters_i12231199_.htm A little bit of home, although there was some real lovely prints,

  5. Rachel C. says:

    Wow, so many beautiful options. I think I would pick the Paris skyline, though…!

  6. Aimee says:

    Animals if the world map is really cute

  7. Suzanne G says:

    I like the http://www.allposters.ca/-sp/San-Francisco-California-Skyline-posters_i12231147_.htm. It was definitely hard to pick just one but I love the layout of this one.

  8. tammy ta says:

    I would pick Map of the World Stone back ground

  9. cookie3 says:

    I’d pick the cats map of the world for my neighbor who collects cats
    For myself I’d get the Berlin skyline.

  10. mcmc says:

    Animals of the world map

  11. Susan Patterson says:

    I would like the print of the whole world – thank you!

  12. Alanna D says:

    i love his work, he is really creative. I like the skyline prints that he does of the cities. THanks for featuring a small business artist! i dont see this too often

  13. kiraali says:

    The Edmonton skyline: http://www.allposters.ca/-sp/Edmonton-Canada-Skyline-posters_i13438094_.htm or the map of the world with world countries listed.

  14. Lori P says:

    I’d pick the Paris France Street Map Giclee print

  15. Lindsey says:

    I would pick the Winnipeg skyline

  16. Alison K says:

    Walk It Off (BungyPump) bonus entry: I’d pick Michael Tompsett’s Flowers Map of the World Map print http://www.allposters.ca/-sp/Flowers-Map-of-the-World-Map-posters_i10372293_.htm

  17. Linda Richter says:

    The Map of the World Paint Splashes is my favourite!

  18. intensev5 says:

    I like the
    Paris Skyline
    Photographic Print – 51 x 41 cm
    Michael Tompsett

  19. diane says:

    I’d pick Animals of the World.

  20. andrea4444 says:

    World Map Paint Splashes

  21. stacey h says:

    i like the ‘love hearts map of the world’, it would look great in my hallway

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