Trend Watch: Serenity and Rose Quartz

High five to anyone that figured out last week that my post on Lacoste’s pretty preppy pastels were actually a preview of this week’s look at the two colours of the year from Pantone. The company insists they’ve chosen two colours as they like the combined harmony of them, one designed to boost feelings of peace and well, serenity, which may be quite fitting considering the current turbulent world we live in right now. Anyway, here a few ideas for how to bring two of this year’s hottest colours into your life.

QUO by Orly Color Amp'd

Quo by ORLY COLOR AMP’D Polishes – $10.99 each @ Shoppers Drug Mart
If you want to really experience on-trend colour, then you’ve got to look at the nail industry which is always on top of the trendiest hues. This new collection of Quo by ORLY polishes consists of 24 different hues from vibrant to neutral, glitter to gloss. The formulation is part of a two-step designed to function like a gel, but be easily removed like a polish. No UV lamps are required – all you need to do is apply the colour of your choice, then use the brand’s Sealcoat to lock in that flawless polish. The four colours you see above are on point with the vibe of Serenity and Rose Quartz; in clockwise order starting from the top left, they are Surfer Girl, Celebrity Gossip, Art Walks and City of Angels. I’d also recommend taking a peek at On The List’ for a more shimmery variation.


Dualitas Rings – From $125 USD
Fans of the metaphysical – i.e. crystals, aromatherapy, et al – were jazzed to hear about this year’s colours. Rose Quartz, after all, is an actual stone used in crystal therapy to boost your relationships and open your heart. Dualitas specializes in crystal-embedded gems, like these pretty sterling silver rings with precious rose quartz and lapis lazuli that are specifically cut so the stone actually touches your skin. It’s a lovely way to celebrate the colours of the years while bringing love into your life for the long-term.

Pantone x Sephora 2016

SEPHORA + Pantone Universe Collection – $23 – $49
As always, one of the official sources for Pantone items is their lineup with SEPHORA COLLECTION. Three of the four products you see above are indeed sold out right now online (the lipsticks and the shadow palette) but eagle-eyed shoppers may be able to find them in stores or can sign up to be notified for when they’re back in stock. The eyeshadows, for the record, reflect the full palette of shades Pantone has picked for the year (they also pick seasonal fashion palettes) and is a great price for a whopping 24 shadows.

KitchenAid Stand Mixers Pantone

KitchenAid Stand Mixers – From $599
Even your kitchen can be in tune with the colours of the year. KitchenAid has announced they’ll be releasing that pretty pink hue on the left – called Guava Glaze – inspired by Rose Quartz, in July of this year. The shade on the right, Cornflower Blue, is currently available. It’s this particular image that struck me with its similarity to baby boy and girl announcements, but Pantone has been firm in saying that wasn’t intent – they’re interested in the way these colours play with one another, and I have to say, they do play nice!

Nella Bella Robyn Nu Soho

Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue – $99
Vegan leather bags are as fashionable as ever, as this cute little satchel bag demonstrates. Available in a Serenity-esque marine blue, this easy-to-wear tote features a detachable strap, solid YYK zipper, and plenty of space to stash all your essentials. Looking for something not so vibrant? It comes in a few other hues too – but none quite as on-trend as this serene shade of blue. Best of all, Nella Bella is a Canadian brand!

Pantone Mug

Pantone Limited Edition Mug – $25
Every year, Pantone adds to their mug collection by releasing a limited edition mug with that year’s big colour. Show you know your colour trends by sipping out of this year’s particularly unique mug, that features a chip of both shades on either side of the mug. It’s the perfect gift for the budding graphic or fashion designer in your family. I also love their new Pastel Mug Set, which includes two similar shades to Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Marina Statement Necklace

Marina Statement Necklace – $90 @ Stella & Dot
Here’s a great example of how well these two colours fuse together. This stunning statement necklace has a little bit ladylike charm and loads of glam potential. Picture it over a soft creamy sweater or worn for a wedding with a springy floral dress. The potential is endless – especially for compliments!

Wet N Wild Rose Quartz

Wet n Wild Lip Products – From $0.99
One of the best parts of this year’s colour pairing has to be how great they work in the beauty realm (I mean, Emerald was tough, amirite?) Rose Quartz in particular is a beautiful pick for blush and lip products, and Wet n Wild has tons of affordable choices so you can stay on trend for the year and switch things up when the next hot shade is announced. From left to right, we’ve got a MegaSlicks Lip Gloss, Silk Finish Lipstick, Balm Stain and MegaLast Lip Colour, each designed to give your lips a slightly different finish and all with that fresh, pretty rose quartz hue.

J Crew Men's Ludlow Oxford Cotton Shirt

Ludlow Oxford Cotton Shirts – $128.50 each @ J Crew
Finally, proof that even men can get in on the trend, J Crew has conveniently packaged these two super soft cotton tees into one product listing. The official shades are ‘Rustic Blue’ and ‘Pale Jasmine’ but I’d be surprised to find out Pantone’s colours didn’t have an influence on their creation. As this post demonstrates, the hues look great together, so find a stripey tie or bow tie that picks up both shades to finish these dress shirts off.

Finally, I have a great little beauty prize package for one lucky winner, valued at over $110! If you win, you’ll nab:

  • Wet n Wild 1x Silk Finish lipstick, MegaLast lip colour, Balm Stain and Mega Slicks Lip Gloss
  • Quo by ORLY COLOR AMP’D 4x bottles of polish + 1x Sealcoat
  • 2x Quo Nail Polish Removers, 1x Quo Cotton Pads and 3x Quo by ORLY Nail Treatments

Want to win? Here’s how to enter:

1) First & foremost: you must be a subscriber to the Canadian Gift Guide to enter this giveaway. It’s as simple as finding ‘The Gift of Gab’ box in the righthand column and dropping in your email or clicking follow. Then leave me a comment below by February 6, 2016, telling me your favourite Pantone gift idea in this post.

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around February 7, 2016 to select the winner, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible for this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry #1: Follow Wet n Wild on Twitter and send out a Tweet about this giveaway, including a link back to this post, and tagging me (@cdngiftguide) and Wet n Wild. Share your Tweet in a separate comment below.

5) Bonus Entry #2: Follow Shoppers Drug Mart on Instagram and either Regram one of their photos or share the Quo polish photo shown above in a post of your own. Be sure to tag Shoppers Drug Mart and @cdngiftguide in your post. Then share it in a separate comment below.

6) Bonus Entry #3: Follow @cdngiftguide on Pinterest and Pin your favourite Pantone gift idea from this post. Share your Pin in a separate comment below.

199 Responses to “Trend Watch: Serenity and Rose Quartz”
  1. edmontonjb says:

    I love the SEPHORA + Pantone Universe Collection


  2. aclily19 says:

    I love the Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue. What a beautiful shade of blue.

  3. Sherry K says:

    The Marina Statement Necklace is my favourite – my mom would love it.

  4. Joan G. says:

    The Blue Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer would look lovely in my kitchen.

  5. nicolthepickle says:

    I love the Art Walks nail colour. It’s my favourite thing on this list.

  6. marlene j says:

    Love the SEPHORA + Pantone Universe Collection – $23 – $49

  7. aketch says:

    The Marina Statement Necklace is really pretty.

  8. I love the Marina Statement Necklace too — would look so beautiful with a white t-shirt!

  9. S. Hirano says:

    The Nella Bella Soho Nu bag is gorgeous! I think I need a new purse!

  10. Rachel C. says:

    I love the pink stand mixer! So cute.

  11. Audrey Skinner says:

    I love the Pantone Shadow Palette.

  12. corkrose says:

    There are lots of choices here in the lovely Pantone colours. For myself I would choose the purse or the Ludlow Oxford Cotton Shirts – $128.50 each @ J Crew for my hubby but I think overall it would have to be the KitchenAid Stand Mixers – From $599 as our daughter is graduating from Culinary arts this year & you can guess what she would like ??

  13. laura says:

    I love the dualitas rings

  14. Kim K says:

    I love the Ludlow Oxford Cotton Shirts from J Crew

  15. Kim K says:

    Bonus #1 – Follow Wet N Wild and tweeted –

  16. Donnas says:

    I’m a subscriber. I do enjoy baking so I’d love one (or both) of the KitchenAid stand mixers in my kitchen. Both colours are equally beautiful.

  17. Rhonda B. says:

    I like the Kitchen Aid mixers.

  18. Jen V. says:

    I like the sephora collection of makeup

  19. Norma D says:

    I adore the Pantone Shadow Palette.

  20. Kelly H says:

    My favourite is the KitchenAid stand mixers!

  21. Sarah says:

    I think my favourite gift idea is actually the mug! Amazing idea for those in the know about Pantone’s selection! But I wouldn’t say no to the lipsticks or the Kitchen Aids either, of course!

  22. Sarah says:

    Here is the bonus link to my pin: : )

  23. Sarah H says:

    Love the Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue!

  24. lindsay d. says:

    love the pink polish…
    the nella bella bag is cute, too!
    (p.s. how was i not already following you on Pinterest?! there goes the rest of my morning, lol!)

  25. mcmc says:

    it would have to be the KitchenAid Stand Mixers as I love to bake.

  26. Annie P says:

    The Nella Bella Bag is great

  27. Solomon says:

    Want that stand mixer!

  28. Gizele says:

    My favourite is the Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue.

  29. Kathleen says:

    The Wet n Wild lip products are my favourite gift idea. Can’t argue with that price either!

  30. Dwayne Taylor says:

    Wet n Wild lip products are my favorite for my Girlfriend. I hope she will love it 🙂

  31. kitchen aid for my daughter In law

  32. Lindsey says:

    Gorgeous KitchenAid Stand Mixers!

  33. Maria Goulart says:

    Love the KitchenAid Stand Mixers! I could use one of those!

  34. Susan says:

    Wow — so many awesome choices. I like the Nella Bella Nu bag, as I am in need of a new purse!

  35. Susanne Craig says:

    I like the Cornflower Blue KitchenAid Mixer; as Cornflower Blue or Pantene’s Serenity will be a colour choice for my kitchen when we remodel.

  36. Emmy says:

    Loving the blue KitchenAid Stand mixer!! Thanks for the chance

  37. Erin W says:

    I love the J Crew Oxford Shirts. Great for Spring and Summer.

  38. Louise says:

    I’m already a subscriber to the Canadian Gift Guide. I Love the Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue

  39. Chantelle Alvey says:

    I would love the Pantone Universe eyeshadow collection from Sephora

  40. Joy D says:

    I really like the Dualitas Rings

  41. Lynda Larsen-Baldry says:

    My favourite Pantone gift ideas in this post are the Sephora and Pantone Universe Collection

  42. intensev5 says:

    I rally like the Quo by ORLY COLOR AMP’D Polishes

  43. Gigi says:

    I love the Dualitas rings and the Orly nail colours best.

  44. KellyPC says:

    I really love the way the stone in the Dualitas rings are set & the stand mixers are awesome as always!

  45. The Marina Statement Necklace is my favourite

  46. Vicky D says:

    The Kitchenaid stand mixer!! And the Dualitas rings would be my second choice!

  47. CLC says:

    I loved the Nella Bella bag and the Dualitas rings.

  48. jasmyth says:

    I love the Nella Bella Sohu bag!

  49. aly3360 says:

    I think the KitchenAid stand mixers are a great idea to bring the colours into your home and life. I love my stand mixer, even though it’s not a kitchenaid brand mixer.

  50. Kim Hamilton says:

    Okay I LOVE the Sephore Pantone lipsticks! The colours are perfect for spring, while still being very unique!
    The Pantone mug is a great gift idea too!

  51. The kitchenaid mixers would be great!

  52. Christine Holliday says:

    I rather like the necklace.

  53. Sean M says:

    The rings are nice

  54. Karen Petrychko says:

    I am in love with the kitchen aid stand mixer! What great prizes!

  55. Daniela Plume says:

    I love the Pantone Shadow Palette.

  56. Daniela Plume says:

    Bonus #2 – complete theponyhalf

  57. Bill Anderson says:

    I love the nail polishes. The colors are fabulous.

  58. Susan J. says:

    Pantone makeup at Sephora

  59. I love the nail polish. The colors are beautiful.

  60. linda p says:

    Loving the stand mixers of course – blue is perfect color for my kitchen. But I am also loving that beautiful blue bag… so many choices!! thanks for the chance to win.

  61. Donna L. says:

    I like the Sephora eyeshadow palette.

  62. Cheryl Germain says:

    I love the KitchenAid stand mixer in cornflower blue! Gorgeous.

  63. Melanie Borhi says:

    sephora and pantone universe collection. i love sephora products

  64. laurie friesen says:

    Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue is such a great color love all the items

  65. The Dualitas Rings are great!!! Very pretty!! I am a subscriber.

  66. sonny says:

    very nice collection i like all of them, however the Dualitas rings are my favourites.
    I lost my engagement ring so im looking for a replacement for both me and my fiance and these are very nice and original. Thank you

  67. Janice says:

    Those rings are amazing!!!

  68. Lynn M says:

    Love the colors on this post. My favorite is the KitchenAid mixers. I have one – love it – but they did not have those colors when I bought mine.

  69. Mary Jaglowitz says:

    I like the Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue. It is a lovely shade of blue. I like the satchel strap. Sometimes I need regular handles but when I walk I like a satchel strap. I need a bag that I can have my important papers and cards and some needed items like glucose tabs. Very nice size so that it does not get too heavy on my joints.

  70. kim says:

    I love the mixer!

  71. eric says:

    love the blue stand mixer

  72. mousecat says:

    I like the Dualitas Ring the best I think

  73. I love the Kitchen Aid stand mixer, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. So many great meals to be made & time with the kids baking.

  74. Anne Derkat says:

    I like the Marina statement necklace.

  75. Barbara H says:

    I really love the Cauliflower Blue KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

  76. My favourite is the SEPHORA + Pantone Universe Collection

  77. Following Shoppers Drug Mart on Instagram

  78. Wendy hutton says:

    I am a subscriber and love the kitchen aid mixer

  79. My favorite item is the Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue

  80. bon says:

    Kitchen aid Stand Mixer in blue is my choice

  81. dawn walsh says:

    KitchenAid Stand Mixers – From $599 for sure this is my choice

  82. Jolie says:

    I’m already a suscriber.
    I love the Kitchen Aid pink mixer.

  83. Jolie says:

    Followed & tweeted to Wet’n’Wild

  84. Deb Philippon says:

    The blue Kitchen Aid stand mixer would fit right into my blue and white kitchen.

  85. Lori SExton says:

    Hard to make a choice, but the KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Cornflower Blue is missing from my kitchen.

  86. dabrowne says:

    Of course I would pick the Kitchenaid stand mixer, because the colors are so awesome!

  87. Lisa bolduc says:

    The kitchen aid stand mixer is my fave. Must have for eveyine kitchen

  88. Margaret Huitema says:

    I love the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers

  89. AliKira says:

    The Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue is my favourite.

  90. ksceviour says:

    ohhh,I`m loving those kitchen-aid mixers,especially the pink one,,what a great gift idea!

  91. ksceviour says:

    following and pinned

  92. Rachael Bhardwaj says:

    i love the cornflower blue kitchenaid mixer!

  93. Dionisia says:

    Kitchen Aid makes a great gift!

  94. debra says:


  95. Luminous Angel says:

    Love the Dualitas Rings where the stones actually touch your skin! 😉

  96. Luminous Angel says:

  97. katydidit21 says:

    I love the Dualitas rings.

  98. LINDA says:

    I especially love the blue KitchenAid mixer.

  99. Victoria Ess says:

    I love the KitchenStand Mixer idea.

  100. Jessica e says:

    I like the Dualitas Rings 🙂

  101. Lisa Dervin says:

    Love the Marina necklace !

  102. carrie l says:

    Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue would be great for my vegan friend

  103. lm2942 says:

    favourite Pantone gift idea in this post is the mixer

  104. cookie3 says:

    I love the Ludlow Oxford Cotton Shirts especially the blue one. But the nail polish is really me.

  105. Alison K says:

    I’m a subscriber to the Canadian Gift Guide. My favourite Pantone gift idea in this post is the Dualitas Rings – From $125 USD

  106. Alison K says:

    @wetnwildbeauty bonus entry: followed & tweeted

  107. Alison K says:

    @shoppersdrugmartofficial bonus entry: followed on Instagram and Regram/shared 1 of their photos

  108. Alison K says:

    @cdngiftguide bonus entry: followed on Pinterest and Pin my favourite Pantone gift idea

  109. Angela Mitchell says:

    My favourite pick is the Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue.

  110. Debbie White Beattie says:

    I’m choosing the Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue because my mother would love this as much as I do.

  111. toni v says:

    the kitchen aid mixer’s are super cute in those colours

  112. Haroon Khan says:

    My favourite is the Marina Statement Necklace.

  113. cottagebunny says:

    I love the Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue.It’s gorgeous!!
    llowing and pinned
    Nella Bella Robyn Nu Soho

  114. linnett says:

    Love the Nella Bells Soho Nu Bag Marine Blue, thanks

  115. I like the wet and wild lip products

  116. Erin McSweeney says:

    i love the Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue – $99

  117. Burcu says:

    I love Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue

  118. Lynn Clayton says:

    Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue – $99 love this color

  119. I really like the rings also

  120. Laura says:

    I like the Pantone mugs.

  121. KELLY E says:

    My favourite is the Nella Bella Robyn Nu Soho

  122. BlessedTA says:

    KitchenAid Stand Mixers

  123. Marla says:

    I love the Sephora Pantone palette – it’s the perfect gift

  124. Marla says:

    Commented on your its in the bag post

  125. Marla says:

    Tweeted and follow wet n wild beauty

  126. corkrose says:

    Commented on “Its in the Bag” contest

  127. Sabrina says:

    I absolutely LOVE the SEPHORA + Pantone Universe Collection, I am picturing so many new looks I can create with that! Love the shades

  128. Sunshine G says:

    Love the Marina necklace – such pretty colours!

  129. Esther says:

    Love all of them – esp. the kitchen mixer – that would be very useful!

  130. Sandy Couzens says:

    My favorite is the KitchenAid Stand Mixers. I would have to redecorate my kitchen around the beautiful pink one 🙂 Thank You for the Great Giveaway. I really would love some new makeup !!

  131. Brenda Penton says:

    My favourite is the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

  132. joyce s. says:

    If my budget was big, I would like KitchenAid Stand Mixers – From $599

  133. I like the nella bella purse. It looks very trendy

  134. The Sephora eyeshadow palette is my choice – so gorgeous and dreamy, my goodness!

  135. Jennifer Kelsie says:

    Who wouldn’t want a kitchen aid stand mixer!!!!!!!!

  136. I’ve been coveting at KitchenAid stand mixer for years, and love the pink version.

  137. sarah says:

    I love the stand mixers, especially in those colours!

  138. doreen lamoureux says:

    I subscribe by email. I really think the PANTONE Chips Journal is an awesome gift idea.
    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  139. Josie says:

    I’d love that pink Kitchenaid mixer!

  140. Muhammad Khan says:

    i love the kitchen aid mixers 😀

  141. Roxanne MacMaster says:

    Love it.

  142. lucy says:

    I love Sephora Pantone palette

  143. Maryna says:

    Ilove the colours!!!!

  144. Shelley N says:

    Love the purse -Pinned it from your pinterest

  145. Amanda says:

    I love the mixers

  146. lorna says:

    I love, love, love the kitchen aid mixers

  147. I love the Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue

  148. Donnas says:

    I love that these bags are compartmentalized. I hate the new purses that are one big pocket.

  149. I like the necklace the best

  150. Janet P. says:

    I love the Pantone Universe mug!

  151. Leah E says:

    I’m obsessed with the dualitas rings!

  152. amy scott says:

    So pretty !

  153. Audrey Skinner says:

    I love the Sephora-Pantone collection palette.

  154. Mandy says:

    My favourite Pantone gift idea in this post is the Wet n Wild balm stain.

  155. I’m a subscriber and I love the Nella Bella Soho Nu Bag in Marine Blue!

  156. truckerofbc says:

    Well of course if I didnt say I love the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, my wife….standing right behind my back…might have something to say to my eye! But seriously, it is a great idea.

  157. My favourite is the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Love it

  158. Toks W says:

    I love the JCrew shirts! Best way to integrate the pantone colours without going for something too trendy.

  159. monica says:

    the kitchen aid mixer is my favorite idea

  160. Laurie W. says:

    I love the Dualitas rings in rose quartz and lapis lazuli.

  161. Jessica L says:

    I love the kitchen aid mixers

  162. janine says:

    the kitchen mixer!!! oh how i would love one of those is my kitchen

  163. Caryn Coates says:

    I Love the Kitchen Aid Mixers:)

  164. Vicki says:

    I really like the Nella Bella bag

  165. Jennifer Wilson says:

    My favorite is the Kitchen Aid Mixer!

  166. vcb says:

    The blue kitchen aid mixer is beautiful! 🙂

  167. Nancy says:

    love the KitchenAid mixer

  168. Mayda says:

    Love the Dualitas rings

  169. Andrew says:

    My favourite it the Dualitas rings

  170. Sara says:

    I love that pretty cornflower blue Kitchen Aid mixer, the gift that keeps on giving!

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