Year of the Monkey

Chinese New Year is coming up and I have a weird love for writing about animal-themed products. So I’ve put together a little parcel of items that reflect this year’s star creature – the Monkey. The Red Fire Monkey if you want to get technical, but I don’t. So here you go – fun gift ideas for those born in the Year of the Monkey or those that simply want to celebrate a year of monkey business.

Year of the Monkey

Clockwise, from Top Left

Rockin’ Knit Speakers – $44.99 USD @ PBTeen – Pump up the jams with this surprising, pint-sized speaker. Posable and easy to stash just about everywhere, the monkey’s belly also doubles as a holder for your MP3 player.

Monkeying Around Socks – $8 @ Living Royal – A goofy pick for little and big monkeys in your family, these uber realistic socks are a cute way to kick off the new year.

Amazing Sea Monkeys on Mars Set – $27.99 @ Mastermind Toys – It was between this or a ‘Barrel of Monkeys’ for an offbeat kid-friendly choice. I went with the sea monkeys as a creative, educational interpretation of monkeys…in the water.

Case of the Monkeys Robe – $37.99 USD @ ModCloth – Snuggle up in this oh so cute brown robe. Ridiculously soft, wrapping yourself in this cute short robe will basically make you feel like a living stuffed animal. Adorbs!

Jumpy Monkey Rainbow Tin – $15 @ DAVIDsTEA – Another creative interpretation; Jumpy Monkey is an energizing blend of tea filled with coffee beans and white chocolate for a mix that’ll have you swinging from vine to vine in no time.

Your Chinese Horoscope 2016 – $17.99 @ Indigo – I’ve mentioned these horoscope books in past Chinese New Year gift guides, but they’re worth mentioning again. If you want to get in touch with the astrology side of this occasion, then definitely check this out to get a grip on what 2016 (and just beyond) holds for you.

Fine Silver Lunar Lotus Coin – $98.88 @ Royal Canadian Mint – This is one of several coins at the Royal Canadian Mint celebrating the upcoming Chinese New Year. It’s also the 7th coin in their Chinese Zodiac collection, making it a must-have for any diehard collectors – or for a little one born this year.

Estee Lauder Year of the Monkey Compact – $160 @ Hudson’s Bay – Another perennial pick on my Chinese New Year posts, this compact is sold out from most U.S. retailers but is still available in Canada at the bay. This super luxe compact is refillable so don’t fret overly on the price – but do enjoy the whimsical Swarovski-crystal embellished design.

Sock Monkey Short Romper – $24.99 @ Everything Monkeys – Really, your one-stop destination for monkey-themed gifts has to be this store, Everything Monkeys, which is literally a store that sells a bunch of different monkey items. They’ve also got a ton of sock monkey paraphernalia, which is yet another cute way to celebrate the year!

Lucky Monkey Watch – $80 USD @ Swatch – This adorable watch is part of Swatch’s own ongoing tribute to the Chinese Zodiac. Rendered in brilliant red, white, and blue, this cute watch also has a hidden message; the peach the monkey is holding on the watch is a reference to a famous Chinese tale.

BONUS ENTRY into yesterday’s Truefitt & Hill giveaway – which of these monkey-themed gifts do you love the best?

39 Responses to “Year of the Monkey”
  1. Soft monkey robe as I hear the wind outside

  2. Sherry K says:

    Would love to give the Sea Monkeys on Mars to my son, he never got sea monkeys when he was a kid and still talks about it.

  3. Joan G. says:

    My granddaughter would cherish the monkey robe.

  4. Kim K says:

    I like the Estée Lauder Year of the Monkey compact.

  5. intensev5 says:

    I really love the Sock Monkey Short Romper – $24.99 @ Everything Monkeys

  6. Tara B. says:

    I love anything Estee Lauder! Estee Lauder Year of the Monkey Compact – $160 @ Hudson’s Bay Although my niece has to be the biggest Sock Monkey fan…oh well this is the year of me being a Monkey too!

  7. Heather Swanson says:

    I like the monkey coin

  8. aketch says:

    I love the monkey socks

  9. Lia says:

    Sea Monkeys!

  10. doreen lamoureux says:

    I really love the Rockin’ Knit Speakers
    dorcontest at gmail dot com
    Happy Friday everyone

  11. AmyM says:

    Sock Monkey Romper is so adorable! Love that there is a store that sells only Monkey items, what a great idea!

  12. Aimee says:

    Love the monkey socks.
    I am a subscriber

  13. redlizzy1 says:

    So many cute monkey items. But I love the Estee Lauder year of the monkey compact. Beautiful and I love their products.
    I happily subscribe

  14. Lynda Larsen-Baldry says:

    I love all the items but really like the Fine Silver Lunar Lotus Coin – $98.88 @ Royal Canadian Mint thank you

  15. Erin W says:

    I love the Case of the Monkey robe! Super cute.

  16. mcmc says:

    Lucky monkey watch is nice.

  17. laura says:

    brown monkey robe for me

  18. Kelly H says:

    i’d love to try the Jumpy Monkey Rainbow Tin from DAvid’s Tea

  19. I love the sock monkey short romper from Everything Monkeys!

  20. Jennifer Kelsie says:

    The Estee Lauder Powder Compact!! 😀

  21. Shannon says:

    I like the Estée Lauder Year of the Monkey compact.

  22. Barb B says:

    Being a caffeine addict, the Jumpy Monkey would be perfect for me and everyone at our house!

  23. Solomon says:

    Love that Swatch!

  24. Daniela Plume says:

    I love the Robe!!!

  25. It’s all cute, but I’d vote for the Estee Lauder compact.

  26. aly3360 says:

    I love the Case of the Monkeys Robe!! I am usually not a huge fan of animal themed clothes, but that is adorable and something I would absolutely wear! My bf is a big monkey fan and there are plenty of tiny monkeys hiding around our home.

  27. Susan says:

    I like the Estee Lauder Year of the Monkey compact.

  28. Victoria Ess says:

    The Sock Monkey Short Romper is pretty cute.

  29. Shelley N says:

    so many great things. love the swatch watch with the monkeys -very cute

  30. I like the Estee Lauder Year of the Monkey Compact best 🙂

  31. cookie3 says:

    My favorite is the Your Chinese Horoscope 2016.

  32. Alison K says:

    Truefitt & Hill bonus entry: of these monkey-themed gifts I love the “Amazing Sea Monkeys on Mars Set – $27.99 @ Mastermind Toys” the best 🙂

  33. Joy D says:

    Estee Lauder Year of the Monkey Compact

  34. katydidit21 says:

    I love the Amazing Sea Monkeys on Mars set from Mastermind Toys.

  35. Anne Derkat says:

    I’d go for the Lucky Monkey Watch.

  36. diane says:

    I like the monkey socks. Cute.

  37. Darci Paice says:

    I love the sock monkey romper!!

  38. Ellie B says:

    I like the Monkey Robe

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