Coffee Clean

What does caffeine do for your skin? Find out with Lush’s new Cup O’ Coffee face mask!

Find of the Month: May Lindstrom

CONTEST ALERT! Be a true winter warrior this January by lavishing your skin in handmade, all-natural skincare products from luxury brand May Lindstrom. Plus you could win a lifesaving skincare product to give your face a break this season!

Find of the Month: 100% Pure

CONTEST ALERT! Natural cosmetics are taken to the next level with 100% Pure’s line of fruit-dyed, totally natural beauty and body care products. Here’s a snapshot of five of my faves, plus a chance to win a $160+ gift basket of goodies!

Refresh Your Face

CONTEST ALERT! Looking to refresh your beauty regime this fall season? Here I’ve picked out five great back-to-school sources for amazing skin, hair, makeup, and nail beauty ideas.

Flash Post: Polish It Off

Get a radiant glow all summer long (and beyond) with this all-natural, anti-aging powdery face scrub that manages to slough off dead skin gently and effectively.