Smooth Things Over

Whether you’re braving the cold or baking under the sun this winter, you’ll definitely want to stash one of Sibu’s Miracle Sticks in your bag.

Find of the Month: Miracle 10

CONTEST ALERT! Learn more about one of Canada’s premier skincare companies, Miracle 10, and discover how you could win a Skin Rejuvenation Kit to keep your face looking bright and radiant all winter long.

A Valia Effort

CONTEST ALERT! Tap into the traditional holistic remedies of the Japanese and buff your skin to a beautiful, youthful glow. Plus you could win 1 of 3 Valia Skin Care prize packages!

Find of the Month: Racinne Skincare

CONTEST ALERT! Discover the award-winning skin science secrets in every Racinne Skincare product…plus find out how you could win 1 of 3 luxury skincare gift sets to get you started on the path to a more glowing, radiant complexion.

Geisha Glow

A geisha’s skin is comparable to that of a newborn baby. Want to unlock the ancient skincare secrets of a geisha? Learn more about how skincare brand Tatcha has just done that for you.

Find of the Month: Eaune Skincare

CONTEST ALERT! Get radiant, ravishing skin – the natural way. Eaune Skincare is a Canadian brand that truly delivers on its 100% natural promise. Plus I’m giving away two $75 gift codes so you can give it a whirl yourself!

Rise to Radiance

CONTEST ALERT! Get more radiant skin with the pump of a botanically-infused lotion when you try out Optimera for yourself. And I’m giving a lucky reader a chance to do just that, by giving away $188 in skincare products from this exciting new brand!

Soldier’s Skin

CONTEST ALERT! Atten-shun! Meet Skincando, a troop-approved (and troop-supporting) natural skincare brand that is strong enough to protect your epidermis from any elements. Plus you could win 1 of 2 skin-quenching gift sets!

Find of the Month: May Lindstrom

CONTEST ALERT! Be a true winter warrior this January by lavishing your skin in handmade, all-natural skincare products from luxury brand May Lindstrom. Plus you could win a lifesaving skincare product to give your face a break this season!

Smells Like Christmas

CONTEST ALERT! With the winter weather rolling in, you’ve got to take a preemptive strike to protecting your skin. Enter Fig+Yarrow, an organic, handmade line that promises to lavish every inch of your body with multi-tasking miracle potions. Plus, you could win 1 of 3 gift sets to wrap your body in all kinds of goodness!

Tata For Now

CONTEST ALERT! In the spirit of what I like to think of as the greenest month of the year, I’m pleased to introduce Tata Harper: a 100% nontoxic and natural skincare line that delivers a winning combo of earthy goodness and serious science for incredible, antiaging results. Plus you could win a Deluxe Beauty Kit to sample the goods for yourself!

All It Takes Is One…

CONTEST ALERT! Looking to simplify and beautify at the same time? Today’s Canadian brand pick manages to do just that. Plus you could win one of their all-in-one products to test for yourself!

Love Your Skin

CONTEST ALERT! Are you familiar with Elizabeth Grant? This Canadian-based company (with over 50 years of history behind it) delivers on its big promises of beautiful skin and grand gift ideas. Plus, you could win a day / night serum combo value at nearly $200!

Buffed & Blue

We all know blueberries are good for you – and now they’re turning up in beauty products. In a stroke of collaborative genius, Fruits & Passion has partnered with Canadian companies on ethically harvesting the blueberry and safflower oils that make their new nourishing line of blueberry products so damn rich and rewarding.

Super Natural

It’s beauty week on the Canadian Gift Guide, and we’re kicking things off with organic beauty line John Masters. Put a sparkle in your besties step (or skin) with their extensive line of luxury skin, hair, body, and pet products.