Bands of Gold

The ring’s the thing with wedding season in full swing…not that I’m advocating any of the five fun and fabulous rings I’ve picked out here as an engagement band, but I’ve got gems on the mind, so indulge me and indulge in one of these beautiful pieces for your next gift-giving occasion.

Father’s Day Books

Five last-minute books for Father’s Day can be found within this post. I’m serious this time – if you haven’t heeded my last dozen posts about dad’s day this weekend, then zip out to the bookstore and snag any one or bunch of these lovely reads.

Quick Picks: Father’s Day Shaving Edition

Think fast and get dad’s Father’s Day gift solved in a flash – check out five awesome, affordable, luxury shaving creams that’ll make a great addition to whatever you do to honour your pa this upcoming month.

Runway Reads

A brief look at a swath of fashion-focused reads for the most mall-obsessed maven in your life.