Photo Finish

I learnt once that you can mail just about anything, and write a cheque on just about anything, and someone, somewhere will follow through the delivery (or purpose) of these items. As an example, you can take a photograph, write on the back, throw on a stamp, and mail it just like you would a postcard. Of course, said photo will probably be in shambles (and viewed by many a striking postal worker) by the time it reaches your end user’s mailbox, but consider that problem solved…the photo protection, not the delivery itself…today.

Polaposts are mailable frames that replicate the look and feel of a Polaroid snapshot, but with the quality you’ve come to expect from your own camera, the ability to mail them independently – and protected. All you have to do is trim the photo of your choice, slide it into the Polapost, write a little message, and seal it shut for safekeeping when it’s shipped across our great nation.

The giftee here is simple – anyone you want to share a photo with that gets a kick out of old fashioned mail…it’s somehow more meaningful and personal to get something that isn’t a BILL or a subscription or a flyer, especially when it captures a special moment and message. You can send the Polapost as is, or you can slip it into an envelope if you want it to stay extra secure, or you can’t find enough space to share your thoughts.

Now for the location – you can buy these pretty postcards from Photojojo at the reasonable rate of 7 for $15 – a perfect amount to send a weekly ‘wish you were here’ to a special friend or family member over the lazy hazy summer days. I also LOVE them as a possibility for your wedding thank you notes – take snaps from your wedding album or photos from the disposables you throw onto every table and personalize each greeting.  They do ship to Canada, starting at $9 for courier service…now to get those darn postal guys back to work.

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