No More Homework, No More Books

The end of the school year is just around the corner, and if you’re wanting to curry favour with your kid’s teachers – or simply wanting to thank them for a job well done – it’s the perfect time to grab a sweet gift of gratitude. Typically speaking you’ll want something in the $10-$25 range, although a classroom could pool their funds together to snag that leather-bound compendium of Shakespeare’s works or that smooth-as-buttah leather messenger bag.

In the affordable range of options, I present to you a very cute set of notebooks I eyeballed on the Potiron website a few months back. This collection of seven books features artfully design covers reminiscent of the beautiful Penguin Classics book covers, one for each day of the week. While I’m not suggesting one actually needs to maintain seven separate notebooks for each day of the week, this collection is so stunning it’ll be a slice of motivation for the Mr. or Mrs. that teaches your little one to jot down notes throughout the year.

Alternatively you could divide and conquer – split up the set among your kids various teachers – particularly effective for the junior high years. Consider inscribing – or having your kid – the books with a sweet, short thank-you to make this everyday item extra special. Available at the always fun and affordable Canadian etailer,

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