Flash Post: Spray A While

Spray and stay with these potent formulas designed to freshen up the aroma of any space. With over a dozen varieties and gift-ready packaging, you can’t go wrong with this affordable olfactory idea.

Flash Post: Keep Your Temper

If you’re planning to get sippy this summer, make sure your prized bottle of pinot is at that pitch perfect temperature with today’s gift pick: a battery-free wine bottle cuff.

No More Homework, No More Books

The end of school is just a breath away…get your kids to mind their manners and give a gift of thanks with this lovely set of days-of-the-week notebooks from Potiron.ca.

Photo Finish

Get sentimental with Polaposts – mailable Polaroid-inspired frames that are the next-better-thing to postcards, and also provide an interesting opportunity for wedding gift thank-yous! Now we just need Canada Post to stop striking so you can ship them out!

Best Wishes In Bloom

Looking for a unique way to say you care? Check out Artecnica’s stunning designer greetings that bloom into pure beauty.

Cucina Chiquita

It’s time to say thank you – to the host of whatever Thanksgiving dinners you’re attending this weekend. First up, Canada’s own Fruits & Passions has a fantastic line of products designed with the kitchen in mind, readily available at a store near you.

Mono Vino Yeso

Help your friends and family kick back and relax with the Vynebar, a stylish and sleek solution to wine storage that makes vino into a work of art.