Flash Post: Overflowing With Love

What It Is: Sorbet-coloured teacups with delicate indentations to form heart-shaped cups of tea, with matching love-themed plates. I mean…I feel like my description should be longer, but it just isn’t. These are just lovely and very Alice In Wonderland yes?
Who It’s For: Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and so is your ma’s next book club meeting – give her the set to serve her guests. Your sister’s birthday is but a few weeks (or months) away and you’re just dying to spoil her with something frilly and a tad frivolous. Your cousin’s wedding shower is two weeks down the road and you’re looking for a quasi-last-minute, flashy option to show you care.
What It Costs: The twelve-piece set retails for $55.
Where It’s At: I was placing an Indigo order and pretty much died on the spot upon seeing these. Love love.

10 Responses to “Flash Post: Overflowing With Love”
  1. Dreena says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! #cgg

  2. Sophia says:

    A fitting gift for any tea LOVEr! #cgg

  3. Susan says:

    Oh my — what pretty tea cups! Love that heart shape and for a twelve piece set the price is reasonable! #CGG

  4. C.C. Rutley says:

    I will have to get these…I love anything that has to do with hearts. These would make me smile every time I had my tea! #cgg

  5. Emilia Turner says:

    Very charming indeed #cgg

  6. Talex says:

    Aww, so sweet…. And what a terrific gift idea! #cgg

  7. karenkog says:

    where can I get this beautiful set???

  8. The link to these heart shaped cups is a broken link. Can you tell me where to get these?

    • CGG says:

      Hey Thearica, unfortunately that means they’re sold out. I spotted them on Indigo.ca about a year ago – you can always follow up with their customer service to see if they can track down the manufacturer for you.



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