10 for $10 – September 2012 Edition

I don’t know why I never thought of it before, but I should really schedule my 10 for $10 posts for the 10th of each month. To the uninitiated, this is a flash pack of great gift-giving ideas you can score for a tenner or less (before shipping / taxes, mind you). As always, consider stocking up on a single shipment from an online store to reduce or eliminate shipping costs altogether!

Light Bulb Mini Flask – $10 @ Area 306
A fun idea to give to your favourite guy when he’s in need of just a little tipple of his favourite liquor. This teensy tiny lightbulb-shaped flask holds 1 oz of liquor and can be clipped to your keys, backpack, or waistband without arousing suspicion. Bonus points for coming pre-boxed.

Solid Bath Oil Cubes – $7.50 for 3 @ PICHPOSH
Toss one of these fruit-scented cubes into your next bath and enjoy the intoxicating scent and luxurious mango oils that nourish your skin while you relax and unwind. Available in seven different fragrances, these are a way-affordable birthday or hostess gift idea!

Keep Calm & Carry On / Now Panic & Freak Out Tissues – $9.99 each @ A Touch of Europe
The ‘Keep Calm’ thing isn’t a trend I’ve covered tons on the blog much yet, but these luxury tissues were too cute not to include. I love the idea of gifting your parents and in-laws-to-be on your wedding day so they can wipe away those happy tears.

Fortune Cookie Baby Announcement – $7.99 for two @ Belly Laughs
Want to spring the surprise of a new baby onto your family? These custom-stuffed fortune cookies come in a cute little Chinese takeout container so you can fake a family dinner and give the grandparents-to-be a serious thrill.

Invisible Playing Cards – $10 @ Up To You Toronto
Jazz up his next poker night or her next bridge club with these modernist playing cards that still contain the element of surprise while being fun and revealing at the same time. Warning: it may be harder to hide your poker face behind your cards when they’re clear!

Hickory Farms Mini Melt Away Mints – $7.49 @ Sears
Everyone loves a good after-dinner mint, so why not load up the hostess with a whole baggie of them? In cheerful colours and at a super affordable price, this is a go-to gift for whenever you’ve got an impromptu party invite on your social calendar.

La Fresh Deodorant Wipes – $5 for 6 @ BeautyMark.ca
Split these stay-all-day wipe-on deodorant pads up amongst your bridesmaids for the big day, or give a pack to your gal pal that works out over her lunch hour. With a subtle scent, tea tree infusion, and all-day protection, your friends will thank you for this thoughtful little treat!

Danica Coffee Mugs – $6.95 each @ Tweed & Hickory 
Brighten up the breakfast bar with one of these cheery porcelain coffee mugs from Danica. Available in dozens of Nordic-inspired graphic styles, you can mix-and-match to you hearts content until you’ve got the perfect modern chic collection of cups.

Anne Taintor Luggage Tag – $6.95 @ Sweet Jane’s
Tuck this into your wedding shower gift for the bride-to-be to tag her honeymoon luggage with. The retro styling + humorous messaging is still a big trend, which makes this a great pick for ladies of any age.

TowelSafe – FitSafe – $7.95 @ Swell
Have you ever been at the gym and felt uneasy about your valuables being stashed in some random locker? Keep ’em close (and possibly skip the locker room altogether) with this two-in-one towel that allows you to wipe down after a tough workout, and secure your keys, phone, cash and other goods in a Velcro pocket that’s right at your fingertips. Perfect for the resident gym bunny or buddy on your gift list.

6 Responses to “10 for $10 – September 2012 Edition”
  1. Hannah says:

    Officially bookmarking the fortune cookie idea for when I’m preggers!

  2. leah leitch says:

    Like the panic and freak out tissues. #cgg

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    Great post! When I read about the TowelSafe though, I shuddered.

  4. Susan says:

    Fabulous ideas this month! Think the TowelSafe is a great idea for travelling or the gym. Love those fortune cookies! #CGG

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