That Rustic Look


Check out five gift ideas to give your home a rustic look.


Finds of the Year: My Favourite Gift Ideas from 2016


After a hectic holiday season I’m taking an extend break – but not without leaving you with a collection of 30 of my favourite gift ideas from this past year!

Trend Watch: Marvelous Marble

Marble Gift Guide

Loving the stone cold coolness of marble print – check out all these creative gift ideas to bring a little marvelous marble into your life.

I’ll Drink To That

S'Well Water Bottles

Get your (healthy) drink on with a stainless steel water bottle from S’Well.

Flash Post: All’s Well That Ends S’well

Swell Water Bottles

Whether you’re toting your daily coffee or looking for some icy cold relief after spin class, this super smart water bottle cuts down on waste and keeps your drinks at their ideal temperature for wayyyy longer than any other bottle out there. Smart!

10 for $10 – September 2012 Edition

10 for 10 September 2012

It’s September 10th, so why not give you 10 great gift ideas you can snap up for $10 or less? With picks for guys, ideas for hostesses, and sweet little extras, you won’t believe the prices of these fantastic finds.