Snooze, Don’t Lose

Has your SmartPhone replaced your trusty alarm clock? While handy, it’s not without its downfalls – like your battery dying, your phone disappearing during a thrashing night’s sleep, or simply fumbling with controls in the A.M. Today’s gift idea is a handy solution to all of those alarm clock woes!

Flash Post: Straight Shooter

This one’s moreso for the boys: an alarm clock that won’t quit until you put it down, literally, with the help of an arcade-style target practice.

Flash Post: Time’s A Ticking

If you had a hard time getting out of bed today, consider snapping up Clocky – a cute-as-a-button alarm clock with a mean streak. Fail to get out of bed to turn it off? It’ll zip around your room to get you revved up and ready in the morning.

Wakey Wakey

Dark days are ahead, at least for a little while long. Jolt yourself out of winter doldrums with these four gift ideas designed to get you out of bed and pepped up for the day to come.