10 for $10: Wedding Favours Edition

Celebrating some wedding nuptials soon? Need to figure out favours? Here are ten awesome ideas well under $10 or less per guest.

10 for $10: Go Green Edition

Tis the season to think green, as demonstrated with these fun eco chic ideas, all for a tenner or less!

Seed-sons Greetings

CONTEST ALERT: If you’re like me, you might have a small conflict when choosing to send out greeting cards in an eco-friendly era. The good news? Your problems are officially solved with Botanical Paperworks plantable greeting cards. The even better news? I’ve got a gift set from Botanical Paperworks worth $70 to give away!

Find of the Month: Botanical Paperworks

This month’s big find is from a little Manitoba-based company that has truly mastered the art of closing the life cycle of a product. Their stunning recycled-paper greeting cards, notebooks, and confetti can actually be planted once you’re done with them, for a commemorative wildflower bloom in your very own backyard.