Trend Watch: Nautical Miles of Style

With nautical making waves as a big trend this spring, I’ve gathered up a few fun seaside-inspired gift picks.

Find of the Month: DiaNoche Designs

CONTEST ALERT! This month we’re talking about prettying up your home’s decor with DiaNoche Design’s inventive line of illuminated artwork and other complementary home decor pieces.

Flash Post: Water Colours

You’ll hear plenty of cries of ‘you clean up nice’ when you hang up one of these electrifying, artistic shower curtains.

April Showers

CONTEST ALERT: Whether you love or loathe rainstorms, I’ve got you covered with five weather warrior gift ideas + a crazy exciting giveaway!

Flash Post: Shower Power

Today’s quick-as-a-bunny gift-giving idea is a super-powerful, super-smart shower curtain that cuts down on clutter and still looks beautiful.