Finds of the Year: My Favourite Gift Ideas from 2016

The holiday season was once again a whirlwind – and honestly knocked me out a bit! I’m taking an extended break post-holidays this year throughout January, but in the meantime, I thought I’d gather some of my most beloved gift ideas from 2016 into one last recap post…in case you wanted a refresher! Note that I did leave the holidays out of this post so it’s not totally definitive – but I figured those ideas were all so fresh and lovely that you’d be best just to go back to the last two months if you want some more ideas from there.

Burnt Impressions Toaster

Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation Custom Toasters – $69 USD
It’s a toaster that prints whatever you want. Part spy tactic, part fun kickoff to the morning. I’m sold.

RYU TecLayr 2-in-1 Booty Short

RYU TecLayr 2n1 Training Short – $60
If you’re on the ‘resolve to get fit’ train in January, these little shorts are a perfect starting point – they won’t ride up but they’re still super flexible. And they’re from a Canadian brand!

Rifle Penguin Books

Rifle Paper Co.’s Redesigned Classics – $16 USD
I love the idea of gifting classic books – and love it even more when the covers are this charming. Designed in Anna Bond’s signature whimsical style, they’re as pretty to look at as they are enjoyable to read.

Glitch Textiles

Glitch Textiles Blankets – $275 USD for a Blanket
These stunning digitally woven blankets aren’t just a fave gift idea for the year, they’re one of my faves ever. I own one and it’s so sturdy, so beautiful, and so worth your investment.

Bedface Bed

Bedface Sheets – From $167 per Set
Not only do I admire this Canadian brand’s disruption of the bedding market, I’ve gotten firsthand reviews that they are worth every ounce of hype. Check out bedface’s newest offerings!

Beauty Counter Available in Canada

BeautyCounter Products – Prices Vary
I’m so excited this brand is available in Canada now; it’s become a fast favourite of mine. After banning 1,500 ingredients from their products, this safe beauty brand is one you can count on to deliver great results without any scary side effects.

Life Is Strange

Life is Strange – From ~$25
The fanbase is still as rabid as ever for this entrancing game of choice, where everything you do impacts the outcome of the story – and the final choices you’ll have to make. A wonderful story with a heartbreaking core cast.

Tidal Vision Wallets and Cases

Tidal Vision Salmon Leather Products – From $47 USD
A creative application for an otherwise useless end product. I’m so on board it’s not even funny! Plus it’s a cool gift for the fisherman in your life.

Faded Grandeur Brooch Necklace

Faded Grandeur Brooch Necklace – $110 @ Banana Republic
I have a weird fixation with brooch necklaces this year – and this stunner from Banana Republic was probably my favourite iteration of the bunch. It might not be available anymore, but it’ll remain fondly in my heart as inspo for shopping for a new one.

Tailor Multifunction Watch Set

Fossil Tailor Watch Set – ~$200
Rose gold + a Pinterest-worthy stack of matching bracelets to go with it? Mmm-hmm this is a dreamy gift idea – it even comes in a ready-to-wrap box!

Camp Collection

CAMP Collection – Prices Vary
I actually own a piece from this line and it’s just as fun and velvety soft and retro as you’d dream. So quirky, so chill, so worthy of gifting.

Canada National Parks Checklist Map

Ello There Print Co. National Parks Map – $39 USD
You guys loved this one as much as me – a truly Canadian take on those scratch off / sticker maps dedicated to our nation’s National Parks (which are free this year by the by).

Vintage Confections Planet Lollipops

Vintage Confections Planetary Pops – $30 USD
One of my fave gift ideas for years that I finally shared with you guys – these cute suckers are almost too pretty to eat.

Himalayan Salt Cooking & Serving Slab

Himalayan Salt Cooking & Serving Slab – $39.99 @ Bed, Bath & Beyond
I still think this is one of the cooler grilling gift ideas I’ve seen or shared – the salt block can be used again and again for perfect heat distribution and naturally infuses food with a bit of salty flavour.

Canadian Province Pennants

Canadian Province Pennants – $18 Each @ Drake General Store
My all-Canadian month sparked so much pride with every post. I particularly loved these sporty / hip pennants featuring our nation’s provinces and territories.


Attire-Moi Maple Perfume – $79.99
I am still SO curious about what this perfume actually smells like – the notes are supposed to be freshly tapped maple syrup which is pretty much my idea of heaven.

Jet Set Box Set

Coal and Canary’s Jet Set Box Set – $50
I’m a big fan of Coal & Canary and so proud of what this Winnipeg has done on a global scale. I immediately snatched up their summer launch of five mini candles inspired by aromas local and foreign – and was psyched to share it with you as well!

My Pop Shoes

POP Shoes – From $144
My inner child still deeply covets a pair of light up shoes (donned by the likes of Biebs). This cool Canadian brand has made it totally okay for me to indulge.

Swell Print Co

Swell Made Co. Art Prints – From $18
I need some of these prints in my life. The minimalism plus on point messaging is 100% where I’m at decor wise right now.

Maple Harvest Wrap Back

Roots Canada Wrap / Blanket – $68
A surprisingly good price for a totally versatile piece of Canadiana cool.

Shard Maple Bowl

Stinson Studios Sustainable Wood Bowls – $80+
This actually made my wish list this year – I’ve long coveted a real wood bowls and I love the shape, design, and eco-friendly factor of these gorgeous serving bowls.

Swamp Queen Palette Tarte

Tarte Swamp Queen Palette – $59
I totally bought this shortly after writing about it – I couldn’t resist! It’s one of my top go-to makeup palettes now and I love the sweet chocolatey scent of it (no joke).


Food Trip To Subscription – $39.99 / box
I had SO much fun preparing a Colombian feast for my family – and you will too, if you start a subscription that delivers international ingredients to your doorstep.

Indigo Reading Socks

Reading Socks – $34.50 @ Indigo
These are literally one of my favourite gifts to give and receive of all time (as in, for years) – they have to make my best of 2016 list by default!

Breville Canada the Smart Waffle

Breville Smart Wafflemaker – $299.99
Waffles are easily my favourite breakfast food, and this amazing wafflemaker has made it easier than ever for me to enjoy crispy yet fluffy waffles on the regular.

Chef's Plate Salmon and Caesar Salad

Chef’s Plate Subscription – From $9.75 / plate
I *LOVED* Chef’s Plate when I got to try it out. So much so I asked for it for my birthday and my sister hooked me up with a gift card. Want to give this dinner kit service a go? First, read my review, and use the code #CANADIANGIFTGUIDE in the #SocialReferralTag section to nab three free plates.


Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick – $19.99
I am a huge fan of this pretty green-turns-pink lipstick and its ancillary products (a blush and gloss – the latter of which leaves behind a lovely rosy stain). It’s quirky, but totally works and gives me that fairy tale princess look.


THINX Underwear – $24 USD+ 
I think these are so smart. They’re eco-friendly undies that’ll allow you to forgo a liner or pad during your period – with a leak-proof guarantee.


My Cinema Lightbox – From $29.99
I love, love, love this little gift idea that’s perfect for everything from social snaps to decorating your home or office.


Hello 2017 Jumbo Mix – $20 @ Squish
I’m a sucker for fun ways to ring in the New Year and Squish has totally won my heart with this jumbo collection of their gourmet gummies.

I’d love to hear what some of your favourite gift ideas were from this past year on my blog. Did you buy any items after reading about them? Add things to your wish list? Share below!

13 Responses to “Finds of the Year: My Favourite Gift Ideas from 2016”
  1. Marina Pilkington says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful gift ideas. So many of them are cutting edge like the Thinx panties. I have really enjoyed reading your blog.

    Happy New Year and enjoy your extended break. Great job.

  2. Alyssa says:

    Great gift ideas! I was able to buy lots of great stuff thanks to this blog. 🙂

  3. Sherry K says:

    I bought several things over the year and love Chef’s Plate – thought the food was so good. And I have just spent 1/2 hour looking at the Squish site. They are great, too.

  4. Taps says:

    My favourite was the smart parka.. which I now own thanks to your blog.. glad to be part of such an innovative crowdsourced product!!

  5. sophie lapierre says:

    Oh yes I buy some stuff from your great guide ideas and I specially fall for AnnMarie Gianni natural skin care products ! They are soo amazing to my skin , all the collections is so nice I want to try them all ! Thank you for getting me know this brand !!

  6. Shelley Nelson says:

    The Xmas budget was pretty tight this year so I did not buy much that you featured but I am always interested in the items for future reference. I did ask for the Maybelline nude pallette for Xmas and I did receive it and am wearing some of the colours today. I think that the Tofino towels were my favourite item you featured this year.

  7. Tainan Lu says:

    Squish is on my wish list.
    Happy New Year.

  8. Thanks for introducing me to such awesome products – especially Squish! I think everyone on my list ended up getting a bag of sweet treats from that cool company, including myself!

  9. AnnieP says:

    I bought a few gifts from L’Occitane after seeing them on your blog and I also bought a beautiful gift from Hillberg and Berk. I always look forward to your book picks and have added several of them to my own To Read List. Thanks for all of the great ideas.

  10. Dominic cloutier says:

    I love the shoes but the shorts look sexy af

  11. nicolthepickle says:

    I haven’t bought anything on this best of list, but I did buy from La Vie en Rose because you recommended it, and bedface sheets are currently on my wish list.

  12. Victoria Ess says:

    I love the Breville Smart Wafflemaker and would love to have it! I bought a number of your makeup/beauty recommendations over the years, and discovered a lot of gifts from Raincoast books!

  13. Susan says:

    So many great ideas from last year. I would love a set of Bedface sheets and the Breville Smart Wafflemaker.

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