Flash Post: Have Your Cake

A wondrous kitchen gadget designed to make serving your favourite pies, cakes, and more a snap, today’s gift choice is a wonderful seasonally appropriate idea.



Every grown-up gal has a princess part of her, just bubbling under the surface. Presenting some quite literal princessy gift ideas that invite you to indulge in your royal side – from a high-fashion make-up collection to glamorous evening shoes.

Flash Post: Clear Choice

CONTEST ALERT! I’ve got a gift idea that’s good for the soul today – and also happens to be great for gift-giving this holiday season. Learn more about the Me to We Rafiki bracelet + find out how you can don one of your own.

Christmas Crooners

Sing a seasonal song with me after listening to one of these six new holiday tune releases + learn when exactly you should gift one of these puppies…

Flash Post: Whistleblower

It’s Remembrance Day, which means I’m throwing out a peaceful present idea for you all, in support of ending the war and crimes against humanity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

10 for $10: Secret Santa 2012 Edition

November 10th means time for 10 more gift ideas for $10 or less…but with a twist. Today’s ideas have the holiday season in mind – scoop them up for sensational Secret Santa finds!

All Wrapped Up

CONTEST ALERT! Nothing says Christmas like a store of pre-wrapped presents, and nothing says relax like a box full of holiday-themed Lush goodies! I’ve sussed out my favourite presents for the season + I’m giving away two of them to two lucky readers. Could it be you…?

Flash Post: Calling All Audiophiles

Looking for a winsome big ticket item that’s total ear candy? Look no further than Marantz’s line of high-end sound, way-affordable audio equipment.

Book Report: From Page To Screen

CONTEST ALERT! If you’re one of those folks that needs to read the book before you see the film, then look no further. Introducing three limited-edition, movie tie-in versions of some major literary tomes that are being turned into major movie releases. Plus you could win one of five sets of books!

Flash Post: Magpie’s Menorah

I may be all Christmasy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t keep an eye out for eye-popping ideas for the likes of Hanukkah. Case in point? Israeli artist David Gerstein’s stunning collection of Hanukkah menorahs.

Cookie Monster

CONTEST ALERT! It’s November, which also means it’s time for some yummy holiday treats to start making an appearance. Get the party started by gifting your favourite baker with a cookie-themed gift idea + find out how you can win a copy of the Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook!

Flash Post: Tree Of Life

Looking for a toytastic or modern take on the Christmas tree? Your search ends with this acrylic artsy interpretation, complete with matching ornaments.

Flash Post: Don’t Question It

Pop culture guru Chuck Klosterman extends his brand with this mind-bending conversation-starting card set, designed to tease your brain and test your oral prowess. Happy debating!

Flash Post: Killer Filler

The weather might be getting a little brisk out there – stay hot under the collar with this fun lorem ipsum scarf. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Let’s call this one a bit of an in-joke for my fellow artsy types out there.

Find of the Month: Books Are Beautiful

CONTEST ALERT! What’s beautiful and brainy and perfect for gift-giving? How about a reading rainbow of modern classics from Random House of Canada’s amazing new Books Are Beautiful collection? Find out more + how you could win a half-set for yourself!