Doorbells & Sleigh Bells

CONTEST ALERT! Heading to a holiday gathering or two or twenty this season? I’ve got you covered, with 10 fabulous host gift ideas under $30. Plus, I’m giving away a prize package valued at over $320 to one lucky reader!

Perfecting the Craft

CONTEST ALERT! Itching to get crafty? Then look no further than Designher Kit, which delivers all the materials you need to create three stunning pieces of jewelry / accessories.

Most Wanted

If you’re looking for a different kind of subscription service, look no further. Wantable offers totally customizable, totally amazing boxes that are literally one-of-a-kind.

Hanky Panky

This Valentine’s Day, consider spicing things up in the bedroom with fun subscription to Luvmybox, a discrete service that sends some sexy new products right to your door, once per month.

Olive You

Om nom nom. Today’s gift idea brings the tastes of Italy to your front doorstep: Nudo is a unique company that allows you to adopt an olive tree and reap the literal rewards season after season.

Dude, Where’s My Gift?

CONTEST ALERT! Are you a guy shopping for another guy on your list? I’ve got 10 gift ideas for guys that can be safely bought and given by fellow dudes. Plus a prize package valued at over $130 is up for grabs!

12 Months of Christmas

CONTEST ALERT! Forget 12 Days of Christmas. How about 12 Months? Amazing Clubs Canada offers a year-round gift-giving solution. Learn more + find out how you could win a six-month subscription of your choice!

Record Time

CONTEST ALERT! Got a particular fixation for cheese, coffee, or whiskey? Keep tabs on your top picks with 33 Books, a line-up of pocket-sized tomes that allow you to make notes & ratings on your consumable cravings no matter where you are. Plus win 1 of 3 three-book prize packs!

Run Run Rudolph

I’m a little baffled as to why you might need this post if you’re a religious reader, but here it is anyway: ten last-minute gift ideas with pretty wide availability across Canada. Get thee to a shopping cart, quick!

Parental Presents

CONTEST ALERT! You could win a $350+ prize package of parent-friendly presents among the 15 ace choices outlined in today’s post.

A Nail’s Pace

Want to freshen up your nail wardrobe with the latest shades and styles? Look no further than the awesome beauty subscription service Julep Maven, that delivers totally on-trend shades to your door on a monthly basis. Plus, I’ll tell you how to score you first box for a mere penny!

Find of the Month: Panty By Post

CONTEST ALERT! Wedding season is upon us, and so are plenty of opportunities to gift the newlyweds with some frilly lingerie to keep that fire burning. Enter Panty By Post – a subscription service that delivers darling underthings right to your front door. Three lucky readers are going to walk away with a pretty panty of their own, but first you gotta read the post to learn how.

Get Glymm

CONTEST ALERT! Get glam with Glymm, one of Canada’s top beauty sampling subscription services that delivers a monthly dose of gorgeousness right to your doorstep. Plus you could win a three-month subscription to try it for yourself!

Flash Post: Walk The Walk

I’m sitting here looking at this amazing gift and wondering where I might find the female version: a year-long subscription to high-end men’s retailer Mr. Porter. Any takers?


CONTEST ALERT: Have I got a sweet gift for you on this day for sweethearts. This Charming Candy produces gorgeous, gourmet, small-batch artisan lollipops in a tantalizing array of flavours…and I’ve got a gift set to giveaway + a special offer for all my readers. Indulge! Enjoy!