Did you know Indigo + Etsy are doing a fun collaboration? Get the scoop on the 9 talented Canadian designers that have come together for a wonderfully curated collection.

To The Letter

Do you see what I see? Fun alphabet prints that teach the little ones their letters while also doubling as an all ages guessing game. Good luck!

…And Another Thing

CONTEST ALERT! DiaNoche Designs has led me to yet another fab find – Christian artist Ruth Palmer’s prolific and punchy artwork!

One Good Thing Leads To Another

CONTEST ALERT! Inject a little colour into your life with today’s featured brand, Ebi Emporium, created by Canadian painter (and DiaNoche Designs collaborator) Julia DiSano!

Find of the Month: DiaNoche Designs

CONTEST ALERT! This month we’re talking about prettying up your home’s decor with DiaNoche Design’s inventive line of illuminated artwork and other complementary home decor pieces.

Year One Anniversary: Paper

CONTEST ALERT! With my nuptials on the way, I thought it was high time I started celebrating anniversary gifts starting with the traditional Year One choice of paper products. Plus you could win a sweet prize package from the lovely Besotted Brand!

Dream Sequence

Today’s gift ideas are all about outfitting your bedroom with decor & comfort items; all designed to craft that perfect sanctuary no matter your tastes or needs.

Flash Post: Express Yourself

Unspool your mind with one of these prompt-laden journals: whether you’re a writer, a doodler, a commenter, a thinker, or just simply want a break from worrying about all those little details in your life.

Pet Project

CONTEST ALERT! It’s been awhile since I’ve last talked pet gifts – here are five choices whether you’re buying for your own companion or a pet lover in your midst. Plus you could win a Cat Crib to let your fave feline snuggle up just about anywhere.

Flash Post: Think Happy Thoughts

Kick bad feelings to the curb with this cheery-yet-prim, retro-inspired poster that offers a ‘friendly’ reminder to turn that frown upside down.

Flash Post: Ends of the Earth

Last day of April today, so why not splurge a little? Today’s gift idea combines functionality with artistic style – bookends with flair if you will.

Flash Post: Word Art

If you’ve got a bookworm to buy for but you’re tired of shelling out for more reads, why not celebrate their favourite tomes with a custom bookshelf painting?

10 for $10: Go Green Edition

Tis the season to think green, as demonstrated with these fun eco chic ideas, all for a tenner or less!

Flash Post: Honestly

Honestly guys, this is one of my top gift picks in a little while. Presenting some tongue-in-cheek dishonesty that makes for great wall art.

Flash Post: Such Great Heights

How tall are you, really? This fun & educational height chart teaches you a thing or two about your height in pop culture & historical terms.