Frosty The Bro-Man

CONTEST ALERT! Sometimes a dude needs to buy another dude a gift. Herein lies 10 kickin’ guy gift ideas that aren’t awkward, won’t break the bank, and will earn you a righteous slap-on-the-back hug. Oh, and I’m giving away a $225+ prize package. Boo-yah.

Snap To It

Need a quick and easy way to take pro photos? Check out Foldio, a portable studio that makes even the most basic camera photos really pop.

Stuck On You

Today’s mobile devices make it easier than ever to connect – but not without a few hiccups. This nifty gift idea makes hands free communication that much easier, wherever you are.

Poppy Fizz Click

Get snap happy with today’s inventive gift idea, which can actually transform your lowly smartphone into a 3D camera!

Call Me Maybe

Gear up for the new year with this winter-friendly set of Bluetooth-enabled gloves.

What’s In The Teens’ Stockings?

CONTEST ALERT! 10 ideas to please picky teens – lads and lasses – plus a fun prize package is up for grabs.

Under My Skin

CONTEST ALERT! GelaSkins may be well-known for their amazing collection of artwork and droolworthy phone cases…but check out what else they’ve got in store here. Plus you could win 1 of 2 $75 GCs to trick out your walls and your fave tech.

Techno Logic

CONTEST ALERT! I’ve got five smart & savvy gift ideas in the realm of technology today, including two nifty gadgets from OnHand that you could win!

In Your Face

If you’re glued to your SmartPhone or tablet, you’ll know how nice it would be to have it at your fingertips at all time. iOttie feels the same way!

Snooze, Don’t Lose

Has your SmartPhone replaced your trusty alarm clock? While handy, it’s not without its downfalls – like your battery dying, your phone disappearing during a thrashing night’s sleep, or simply fumbling with controls in the A.M. Today’s gift idea is a handy solution to all of those alarm clock woes!

Flash Post: Arm’s Length

It’s a charger! It’s a tripod! It’s a stand! Nope, it’s Une Bobine, a magical product that jacks up your SmartPhone in a multitude of ways.