Flash Post: Amber Alert

Today’s gift puts the flashy in Flash Post. Handmade terracotta sculptures house a very special surprise inside for your giftee…

Flash Post: Shiny & New

Forget flash posts, I should call today’s gift idea a shine post. Hammered silver serveware is our subject for today, from home decor dreamland West Elm.

Flash Post: Shower Power

Today’s quick-as-a-bunny gift-giving idea is a super-powerful, super-smart shower curtain that cuts down on clutter and still looks beautiful.

Red State

CONTEST ALERT: Love is in the air, and so is the colour red. Check out these eye-popping picks in every shade of the classic primary. Plus, you could win a seriously limited-edition, Swarovski-studded bottle of Playboy Play It Rock perfume!

Flash Post: Colour Story

Welcome to my first-ever flash post, aka gift-giving ideas you can absorb in 60 seconds or less. Today’s pick is two design books by Jonathan Adler – perfect if you love a bright, happy home (and really, who doesn’t)?

Homeward Bound

Chapters / Indigo now has a home section. Let’s review, quick – everything’s on sale until Sunday, October 16th!


A closer look at coasters and how you can turn this seemingly ho-hum gift into something holy-wow.

Light Up My Life

Let your friends and family see the light when you gift them with one of these fun, summery novelty lighting ideas.


Dyson, endless innovators that they are, have come up with a gloriously modern approach to the household fan – a product I never realized could be reborn in such a sleek, modern package.

Special Spectrum

Are you the light of your husband or father’s life? Prove it with the Philips LivingColors LED Lamp. This futuristic-looking space orb lamp actually allows you to select from 16 million – yep, count em – colours of the ROYGBIV spectrum.

Garage Manned

Get dad organized this Father’s Day with the Gladiator modular organizational system, designed to get those tools in line and sports equipment in check, and keep the man cave as pristine as possible.

Slice of Life

Looking for a quick fix to up the glam factor at your pal’s (or your own) dinner table? Check out these super cute and extra affordable veggie slicers for a fun and frugal gift idea.


Let’s go back…WAY back to when landlines were the mode of communication du jour. In fact lets take it all the way back to the 50s, when candy-coloured bakelite phones were the norm…only now let’s update them into some ultra cute, customizable phones with all the modern features you’d expect in an ultra chic yet retro-inspired package!

Bottle Blaster

Got a friend with a sweet tooth? Check out this home soda-making system and be blessed with years of gift-giving options.

Clean Slate

I’m in a green state of mind at the ‘mo, spurred on by the brilliant company Full Circle, which demands sustainability and just downright betterness for every single product they produce. Those products, by the way, are eco-friendly household tools to keep your house spic and span, without dirtying up your conscience.