Extension Circumstances

Extension cords you say? Well, why not? Trust me, these beauties are worth a read-through.

Flash Post: Lost In The Woods

Bedeck your next party with a set of groovy printed wooden coasters from Neighborwood, which creates extremely detailed replicas of the finer breakdowns of some of the world’s most famous cities.

Flash Post: Mandles

I’m coining a new term today and sharing another new gift idea: manly candles with intoxicating scents. Pick one up for the guy in your life that could use a little freshening up.

Flash Post: Throwaway

Wrap up gift-giving with this beautiful chocolate mohair blanket, which can be customized to make it feel truly one-of-a-kind.

All You Need Is Love

The Canadian Gift Guide is drawing inspiration from down south today with 5 gifts emblazoned with Robert Indiana’s legendary LOVE sculpture – found in the city of brotherly love, Philly.

A Degree’s Difference

CONTEST ALERT! Kick back and relax with a that-much-better glass of wine when you use Ravi, an exciting Canadian product that makes every sip of your favourite Cabernet or Sauvignon Blanc simply burst with flavour on your tongue. Plus you could be the lucky winner of a Ravi yourself!

Mother’s Day The Quirky Way

Methinks it’s time I tell you all a little more about Quirky – one of my go-to sources of gifting inspiration over the last few months. Learn all about this interactive product development site, and check out my top 3 picks for Mother’s Day!

Flash Post: Have A Ball

Today’s big idea packs a lot of punch in a little package – this tiny ball is filled with ion-releasing ceramic beads that have serious clothes-cleansing action, meaning you use 80% less detergent for up to 1,000 washes. Impressed?

Taste Of The Tropics

Dive into seven tempting tropical-inspired gift ideas to get you geared up for beach season, or to simply let you drift away to a blissful paradise whilst we wait out the rainier weather.

Flash Post: From The Horse’s Mouth

They say healthy eating is all about portion control, and this funny gadget tool takes that concept to new extremes with a pasta-measuring tool that lets you scale your supper from child-sized to ‘I could eat a horse’-sized.

April Showers

CONTEST ALERT: Whether you love or loathe rainstorms, I’ve got you covered with five weather warrior gift ideas + a crazy exciting giveaway!

Flash Post: Cheese Please

Serve up something divine for your next gift-giving occasion. This cheese knife gift set is amazingly affordable and wonderfully appropriate for tons of folks and scenarios.

Flash Post: Shower Power

Today’s quick-as-a-bunny gift-giving idea is a super-powerful, super-smart shower curtain that cuts down on clutter and still looks beautiful.

Flash Post: A Tisket, A Sachet

There’s nothing like the great outdoors – especially when you can bring it inside. Check out Juniper Ridge’s line of sustainable, unbelievable sachets that make for awesome housewarming and houseguest gift ideas.

Dial It Up

Put some luxury into your gift-giving with Opulent Items, an eTailer focused on dreamy, feels-like-one-of-a-kind ideas unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Believe when I say many of these items are luxury priced – but check out the steals as well for some amazing ideas.