Constellation Inspiration

Star light, star bright, the first gift I’ll give tonight…is one inspired by the stars, just like these seven wonders of the night sky.

Seed-sons Greetings

CONTEST ALERT: If you’re like me, you might have a small conflict when choosing to send out greeting cards in an eco-friendly era. The good news? Your problems are officially solved with Botanical Paperworks plantable greeting cards. The even better news? I’ve got a gift set from Botanical Paperworks worth $70 to give away!

Find of the Month: Botanical Paperworks

This month’s big find is from a little Manitoba-based company that has truly mastered the art of closing the life cycle of a product. Their stunning recycled-paper greeting cards, notebooks, and confetti can actually be planted once you’re done with them, for a commemorative wildflower bloom in your very own backyard.

Best Wishes In Bloom

Looking for a unique way to say you care? Check out Artecnica’s stunning designer greetings that bloom into pure beauty.

Find Of The Month: Seracon Herb Kits

This month’s find promises to be a bright patch of gift-giving ideas during the drab winter months. Seracon has incredibly affordable and eco chic organic planters for all occasions, price ranges, and tastes.

Seasons Greetings: Cocodot

Cocodot is your one stop shop for virtual cards, invites, and event planning. Subscribe now for ridiculous savings and never buy a pricy greeting card again.

Stylish With A Stylo: Christian Lacroix’s Papier

Christian Lacroix, beloved but bankrupt French designer, has come out with a line of beautiful paper products that any fashionista would die to get their hands on.

Green Ink

Break out the giftware – Ecojot’s Canadian-made line of recycled paper products is stylish, simple, and sweet.

Get Carded With Kate & Birdie

Kate & Birdie Paper Company produces whimsical, chic greeting cards for all occasions. Make them your signature when it comes to thank yous, congratulations, and special events.