Security Blanket

Bright & beautiful and altogether snuggly – that’s what’s on the menu in today’s flash post with these cheerful handmade quilts from Hay.

Green Machine

Spring has sprung in today’s flash post: all-too-cute piggy (and bunny and birdie) banks topped with a fine layer of faux foliage.

Foodie Fridays: Do You Know The Muffin Man?

CONTEST ALERT! Muffins, muffins everywhere – including in your belly with these two new mega-muffin cookbooks that feature over 300 recipes for those on restricted diets (gluten-free or vegan) and tons of taste to boot.

Flash Post: Overflowing With Love

Any Queen of Hearts would flip for these Alice-inspired, rainbow-hued, cleverly designed teacups – the focus of today’s uber cute flash post!

10 for $10 – April 2012 Edition

Another 10 for $10 post for April! Presenting ten fun ideas you can trade in for a tenner or less.

Flash Post: Keys To My Heart

Today’s flashy post is all about making an everyday moment – “Here’s your key” – an everyday memory with designer keys in over a dozen unique shapes.

April Showers

CONTEST ALERT: Whether you love or loathe rainstorms, I’ve got you covered with five weather warrior gift ideas + a crazy exciting giveaway!

Flash Post: A-vase-ing

I’m getting ‘ooo pretty’ goosebumps from this post. Hand-blown glass vases are the stunning focus of today’s flash post. Bask!

Flash Post: Here Comes Potato Cottontail

Hoppy Easter weekend Canada! Today’s gift idea is an incredibly affordable pick to top up your Easter basket, in the form of a bunny-themed Mr. Potato Head.

Flash Post: Maple Knows Best

Not to perpetuate stereotypes, but we know good maple syrup when we taste it, right? Well consider this good. Way good. Noble’s luxury handcrafted maple syrup is imbued with exotic flavours for an out-of-this-world breakfast experience.

Sweet Sixteen

Happy Sweet Sixteen Philosophy! Everyone’s favourite body care brand is celebrating in style with tons of new products. Here, I pick out three of my favourites for some sensational warm season-inspired gift ideas.

Flash Post: Egging You On

Need to get cracking on some Easter gift-giving? Check out Lush’s super-fun 3-in-1 Easter treat solution, the newbie product: The Immaculate Eggception.

Of The Month Clubs: Ring Edition

Ring around the rosey: it’s another month to DIY an ‘Of The Month’ gift-giving club, and here are twelve picks to get you started.

Hi, My Name Is…

The very real reality that my two-year anniversary of writing this blog is upon me…and I’ve yet to tell you very much about the gal behind CGG. Read on if you’d like to learn a little bit about myself, Brittany, and what it takes (at least behind-the-scenes) to be the author of the Canadian Gift Guide!

Flash Post: Amber Alert

Today’s gift puts the flashy in Flash Post. Handmade terracotta sculptures house a very special surprise inside for your giftee…